Would You Accept a Proposal Without a Ring?

I recently read an article by Wedding Bible ‘The Knot’ on Engagement Faux Pas – chief of which was proposing without a ring.

Sure, your declaration of love and request for a lifetime commitment should be more important than whether or not you’re bearing jewelry, but you have to understand that to many, an engagement won’t seem 100 percent legit unless she’s got an engagement ring to show for it.

I couldn’t disagree more! It’s articles like this which encouraged me to start She Said Yes almost two years ago – that advice is outdated and outrageously wrong! Blair proposed empty handed, without an engagement ring or a diamond in a ring box, and I couldn’t be happier.

He’d been intending to wait until my birthday, 7 months later, to propose – so he hadn’t bought an engagement ring. He was pretty sure he knew which ring I wanted, but he wanted me to be 100% happy with the rock I’d be wearing for the rest of my life. Yet despite his intended birthday plans, the timing was perfect and he didn’t want to wait any more. Whether or not he was holding an engagement ring at the time was the last thing on my mind, of course I would marry him!

P.S. His next words were “Shall we get you that ring”. I said yes (to the question, and the offer to get me that ring).

No ring, no worries.

This past weekend, our friends got engaged, he buying her a beautiful sapphire without a ring setting, so that she can design her own and have exactly what she wants. Smart man. She’s a fussy particular person, and only she knows precisely what she wants, so why would he risk getting it wrong?

There are lots of totally acceptable ways to propose without an engagement ring. Not only that, but being able to plan a proposal when you can’t decide on, afford, or find the perfect ring gives you an opportunity to be creative!

If you give her a little white book, she’ll surely forgive you not having a ring 😉

My pick of how to propose without a ring

The Diamond Shop’s secret is the ‘Yes’ ring – a temporary ring setting that The Diamond Shop provides free with its diamonds. The temporary ring setting looks like a ring and holds the diamond you purchased so the lucky bride-to-be can try it on when you present it to her. Temporary engagement rings are on the rise, and I couldn’t agree more.

Once you’ve proposed with the temporary “Yes” ring, she gets to design the ring herself at The Diamond Shop (with you in tow, if you choose). Dream man and dream ring = win-win.

The “YES” ring

The “YES” ring, created by The Diamond Shop is a base metal ring, plated to look like platinum. Your partner chooses and purchases the diamond from The Diamond Shop’s huge inventory of diamonds, and takes it home with the “YES” ring setting which holds the diamond with compression (but does not harm the diamond). It is made for the moment of presentation so your partner can try the diamond on her finger. While it’s not suitable to wear it’s for her try it on at the big moment, after which time it could be replaced with a ‘placeholder’ ring.

Here are 5 reasons to say “YES” to a proposal without an engagement ring!

1. A matter of taste. Your engagement ring is a piece of jewellery you’ll have and wear forever. It has to fit with your personality, style and personal taste.

Rather than requesting an exchange (and imply  his taste is bad and he doesn’t know you well enough), the “YES” ring, or a temporary setting spares everyone’s feelings and what could be awkwardness during what is one of the happiest moments of your life.

2. Vacation. If you’re travelling, you risk the ring not fitting correctly, and being lost in the depths of the ocean in Hawaii (or elsewhere) as she insists on wearing an engagement ring she loves, but doesn’t yet fit. Propose with the “YES” ring and/or a simple band of gold which can later become part of the engagement or wedding ring, and keep the diamond in the safe.

Lauren Conrad recently swapped her massive diamond solitaire for a simple rose-gold band while on holiday in Guatemala. She still showed the world she was attached — without taking the chance of losing that precious rock of hers.

Of course, your engagement ring should be insured, but you still don’t want to risk losing the ring or the diamond for sentimental reasons.

3. No Returns. There’s always a chance he might get it wrong when it comes to picking out the engagement ring, and that makes for awkwardness both when he opens the box and when he looks at the receipt. Depending on your jeweler’s return policy and fine print, you might end up with “No returns” – especially if you’ve had it resized or engraved. Unless he can be certain the ring is “the one,” go with a placeholder such as the “YES” ring instead.

4. Stress. If the fear of choosing the perfect engagement ring is putting your proposal on hold because he’s stressed about disappointing you, let him know your feelings (just tag him in this article!) A temporary ring can take away a huge amount of the stress out of popping the question.

5. Fun. Isn’t it more fun to have the opportunity to design your own engagement ring, or at least be part of the process of choosing? I wouldn’t let Blair choose my shoes (especially if they cost that much) so why would I expect him to choose the one accessory I’m going to wear every day for the rest of my life?

She Said Yes says choose the “YES” ring from The Diamond Shop!


So, would you say YES to the “YES” ringIf so, send this link to your hopeful husband-to-be and wait and see…