Wedding Dress Stress: Part II

Hundreds of people read “The Dress and the Stress” so perhaps a few of you are interested in how that whole Stressuation is going.

Well, it came a head, or so I thought, on a Sunday night spent reading magazines on the couch.  This particular situation actually brings me to a little advice too – don’t read international wedding magazines until you’ve already chosen your dress – you’ll see why.  I’d picked up The Knot and Brides while in Hawaii on my engagement-moon in February and a couple of weeks later had buried myself between their glossy, pastel pages, for all the advice and inspiration I could need.

My Wedding Dress


I found it – exactly what I was looking for… inspiration – therein lay the problem.  As I turned another pink rose hued page, I was inspired and overwhelmed by The Perfect Dress.  Suddenly, the stress of finding the perfect dress turned into the angst and anxiety to secure it.

It’s not stocked or available through New Zealand.  It was still Saturday in Los Angeles (the best option I had to actually buy the dress), which meant two agonising days’ wait until the Los Angelites’ stockists awoke to find my email, seeking this miraculous creation.

Finally – come Tuesday morning, I had a response.  An LA bridal store, which hadn’t even received a sample of the dress yet, could order it for me for a 50% deposit of $[a fairly reasonable sum].  I promptly said that was acceptable, and forwarded my credit card details and size.  It soon turned out the price was actually more than twice $[a fairly reasonably sum]; that I was actually not the size I had earlier said; and that I could look forward to picking up my dress in 6 months.

That was two weeks ago – fourteen days which have absolutely crawled by while I fret about all the possible pitfalls of ordering my dream dress sight unseen.

Between thinking about what could possibly go wrong with colour, style and (mostly) size, it’s pretty fair to say the stress has not subsided. 

The silver lining is that at least now I can stop going to dress fittings and focus instead on wedding cake, but the grey cloud wearing the lining is that if I eat too much cake I’ll never fit the dress!

P.S. Travelling to pick it up…
P.P.S After I picked it up
P.P.S Wearing it!

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