Can you find Mr Right by Swiping Right?

[left]I wish Tinder was around in the Sex and the City era – I’d have loved Carrie’s take on the dating-app that has revolutionised meeting potential dates since 2012.  Unfortunately, Tinder was a decade too late, so you’ll have to put up with my musings instead.

As I imagine Carrie might say:

Can you find Mr Right by Swiping Right?

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This morning I read Wellington woman, Melissa Brenzinger’s story “30 Days of Tinder” where she shared dating exploits (and tips) such as:

  • He offered to get me a hot beverage before I had even got there. 10 points to Gryffindor! Take note, Date #7.
  • He invited me later to attend a work event with him later on that night (my adorable slutty charm must have worked) but alas, I had another Tinder date lined up.
  • I sum up my sexual preferences with the analogy “I eat a lot of curry and sometimes, every once in a while I like to get a vegetarian curry. If I eat a vegetarian curry, it doesn’t mean I’m a vegetarian, it just means I like vegetarian curry.”
  • I could have had a ferocious pash like Date #10 or a crotch-grab like Date whichever that one was…
  • He seemed a little taken aback by me coming on to him at 5.30pm on a Sunday evening and said “Just please don’t be an axe murderer, that would be the fastest request to meet on Tinder.. so yes”.
    S u c k e r.

One of Melissa’s tips (N.B. She also asks “Who would take tips from me when the reason why I got matches and then dates in the first place is probably a result of one (if not all,) of: Having a vagina; Having one of my images as a selfie with a sloth.”) is:

Lower Your Expectations” Realistically, you’re not going to find the most amazing person you have ever met after swiping them and then meeting them once. If you do, you’re the exception, not the rule (thanks “He’s Just Not That Into You”!).

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[right] This got me thinking about dating and marriage in NZ – is Tinder a realistic way to meet someone you might (ultimately) marry? Blair once said he felt like he’d missed out by being too late for Tinder (we met 10 years ago… and obviously he’s joking)…

US married-couples have met on tinder, but the origination of this blog was because the New Zealand way is just a little different from our star-spangled contemporaries, not least when it comes to marriage.[/right]

Anecdotally, maybe not, if news reports are to be believed – unless genital-snaps are conducive to marriage (know what your getting yourself into..?)?

Statistically speaking In New Zealand, the average age at time of marriage is 30.0 years for men and 28.5 years for women (In the US it’s 27 for women, up from 23.7 in 1970, and in the UK is 30 for women). The average time spent dating someone before marriage today is 3.6 years, which suggests that (in NZ) men meet their spouse at 26.4, and women at 24.9.

How does this compare to tinder? The most recent estimate was that about 32 percent of the app’s users were between 25 and 32, which bodes fairly well. I felt sure that had a New Zealand couple met on tinder and then married, it would certainly have made the “news”.

[left] I’ve done a little investigative journalism* to no avail, but would love to hear if you know anyone who’s engaged or married having met on tinder!
* Mostly google and instagram.[/left]

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