Strobing How to with M.A.C Cosmetics!

MAC Strobing

I was totally spoiled last Saturday for Fashion Weekend, wearing this gorgeous Alice McCall maxi-dress and having my make-up done at M.A.C. PRO Cosmetics Britomart with the stunning Amelia!

As well as relaxing and enjoying the pampering, I also took the opportunity to get top tips on strobing (aka the new and improved contour/anti-contour) from MAC’s expert so that I can share with you the best in luminous skin.

My glowing skin here is achieved with MAC Fix Plus; Natural Radiance Primer and Strobe Cream as a day-highlighter – with NW20 Mineralize Foundation.  I love the natural but also totally radiant skin Amelia achieved, make-up which was perfectly beautiful for day but lasted all night.

While contouring is adding shadow (for depth and definition) strobing does the opposite – highlighting other areas, brightening and drawing attention to structures = both add dimension, but use almost opposite techniques.

1. Start with a glowing moisturiser
Mac’s Strobe Cream is a moisturiser that boosts the look of dull skin and luminizes with iridescent particles, described as: “Super-powered with potent botanicals to refresh and moisten. Boosts the look of dull, flat or tired-looking skin with nutritious vitamins and a mega-dose of green tea. Brightens and clarifies with iridescent particles and antioxidants. Enhances the effects of light on all skin in all lighting conditions from sunlight to spotlight.”

2. Get highlighting! 
Illuminate the defined points of your face: bridge of the nose, between your eyebrows, on the top of the brow-bone, cupid’s bow between the lips, and of course the tops of the cheekbones!  Don’t put too much on, or you’ll look shiny and sweaty – though it’s tempting to go overboard, keep it to those areas only.

3. Take Selfies:
MAC’s strobe-cream looks great in photos, it brings out all the light in my face and I look alive, despite 6 days of New Zealand Fashion Week – total win!

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