Review: IPL at home with Remington I-Light

If you’re a girl on the go, the time and admin of regular waxing appointments is an absolute drag, not to mention the expense.  I’ve long considered doing Laser Hair removal or Intense Pulsed Light treatments (IPL) professionally, but I know it can cost thousands of dollars, with most places suggesting it takes 8-12 IPL treatments per area to prevent future hair growth.

When Remington offered me the opportunity to try its at home IPL system – it was an instant yes.  I’ve now had the Remington IPL machine for just over a month, and while it’s still a work-in-progress, I’m absolutely hooked.

The product: Remington is a household name for a reason, and a name I felt I could trust when it came to the slightly scary business of administering an IPL or laser hair removal system on myself.  I read the instructions over and over before starting for myself, and knew I’d be in safe hands if I followed the manual.  Remington’s IPL machine is also FDA approved in the US.

The technology: A laser or IPL hair removal machine emits light which is absorbed by the dark pigments of the hair, damaging the follicle and stopping it from growing again.  The only difference between this machine and one at a laser hair removal clinic is that it is not as strong, for safety reasons.  The Remington I-Light is an IPL hair removal machine, using Intense Pulsed Light technology.  It has 5 settings, and a built in skin tone sensor.

The process: The experience was as I’d expected, having heard from friends that it feels a little like an elastic band flicking your skin.  The sensation is much stronger in the areas where there is a denser growth of hair, so my underarms were more sensitive to my legs, and as the hair has reduced, it’s getting less and less uncomfortable.  It takes me only 2-3 minutes to do my underarms, and about 30 to complete my legs, which I do while watching TV.

The results: The product aims to reduce hair in as little as 3 sessions, and I can 100% confirm that has been effective on my underarms, where the hair has reduced to about a third of what it originally was. I’ve also been using the product on my legs, though it’s harder to tell how much the hair has reduced because it’s a much larger area and my growth is more sparse from years of waxing.  However, I have absolute confidence, having seen the reduction in my underarms from the first three times, so this is definitely something to persevere with.  Now that I’m comfortable with the machine, and in the lead up to summer, I’m going to do my bikini line, starting on the lowest setting (you select the strength from 1-5).

To purchase: Farmers currently has an amazing deal on this product right here.

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