Perfect Bridal Party: Introduction

how to choose and ask your bridal party

I received a message this week which really got me thinking about the bridal party … here’s a few excerpts I’ve had permission to repost:

  • “I noticed behaviours in her I didn’t like… Demanding and ‘my way or the highway’ 
  • I told her ‘no kids at the wedding’ to which she responded ‘well mine will be there’;
  • I don’t know how to delicately put it ‘I don’t want you in my bridal party’ (I was her MOH);
  • My friend’s bridesmaid cornered her to say “why is my partner not invited? Do you think our relationship is not as serious as so and so (who is married)”;
  • Another had a bridesmaid that completely took over…; and
  • The other had a sister who was a bridesmaid who… (I think you see where this is going!)”

It appears that having (or being) a bridesmaid can potentially lead to no end of problems, which is exactly the opposite to what we all want, so how can we avoid this?

Bridesmaids Robes Peter Alexander

Personally, being only 3 months in, and having bridesmaids strewn worldwide, mine haven’t really been involved yet, so it’s the perfect time to think about how best to manage relationships and expectations, while maintaining friendships.  Now, I’m doing research on what causes most Bridesmaid (and Groomsmen!) dilemmas; receiving feedback from many others on their own bridal-party mishaps; and putting together a How-to (which I’ll be following too).

Join me for Perfect Bridal Party: Chapter One, and read about my Beautiful Bridesmaids.

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