How to get Long-lasting and lust-worthy Lashes

I absolutely love having long, lush lashes and wearing falsies, but I’m absolutely terrible at putting them on, so hardly ever trust myself to do so out of fear I’ll spend the evening uncomfortable and with my eyes watering off the rest of my makeup.  Crying off your lashes isn’t ideal on any day, but it’s definitely something to avoid on your wedding day, so I’ve decided to try long-lasting lashes extensions for the first time.

I really don’t want them to look fake and awkward (or feel uncomfortable and make me cry!) so I’ve been doing my research on and had a chat to its eyelash-designer and stylist, Elisia to bring you top tips for your own event-ready lashes.  Elisa runs eyelash extension training, manufactures and sells CelebrityLash and also owns Cerise lash & makeupshe really couldn’t be more qualified to teach me (and you) about lash extensions.

Most of us will have tried temporary falsies in the past, applied as either a full set or as individual clusters, but you might not know how many options there are for semi-permanent extensions.

Temporary lashes are the most economical, they take only 30-45 minutes to apply and last for a up to 3 weeks – just enough to cover the Wedding through to the Honeymoon! They come in two variants, flares or express.  Around 10-20 Flares or 50-80 individual lashes are bonded onto multiple lashes per eye, and the effect can be similar to that of semi-permanent lashes initially, but won’t last as long, and can end up looking clumpy as the lashes grow out.  However, at $40-120 depending on the number of lashes applied, these are a great low-budget option and will certainly look great for the big day!  Importantly, these can’t be infilled and must be removed after 3 weeks.

Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions last a lot longer, usually around 4-10 weeks and are left to fall our gradually as natural lashes do, as the synthetic lash(es) are applied to just one natural eyelash, but can actually be made to last indefinitely with regular infills.  With classic lashes, 1 extension is made to each natural eyelash, with a full-set of between 60-100 lashes, or for extra Wow, a volume set of “3D” (or 3-6D!) lashes are applied with 3-6 extensions bound to each natural eyelash, 300-600 individual lashes per eye.  Volume lashes are the longest lasting at 6-10 weeks before infills are needed, and have incredible fullness while still being naturally beautiful.  Prices range from around $80-$250+ depending on the number of lashes applied, and the first application requires 1-3 hours (but think about the time you’ll save getting ready in the morning/reapplying after the gym and removing mascara at night!

Elisia has some fantastic resources you can learn more on her website and endorses professional lash-stylists nationwide, so you can be sure you’re using a talented and safe lash-stylist.

Cerise lash and make-up are the absolute go-to for Aucklanders (but get in quick, they fill up weeks in advance!), they guarantee
– No damage to your natural eyelashes
– Your new lashes will look natural and believable
– Long-lasting lashes
– The most experienced and knowledgeable lash artists
– Comfortable and hygienic environment

Watch out for

  • Do your research and ensure your lash technician is properly qualified, to ensure natural, long-lasting and clump-free lashes, and prevent permanent damage to your own lashes!
  • Lashes should always be applied with the client reclined.
  • If you don’t have lashes removed in time, they can start pulling on each other and damage your natural lashes.
  • Unless your stylist uses a latex adhesive (which wears off by itself) such as Duo or Ardell, go back to your lash professional for safe removal.
  • See all the FAQs at

Plus, just quietly, they have some amazingly cheap June-July specials to check out, but first check out all their beautiful photos below, and find them on Facebook.
Credit: Beautiful Make up by Mary Estelle’s Makeup and Photography by Christina Schmidt.

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