My Wedding Journal: How to ask your bridesmaids to be part of your bridal party

Peter Alexander Bridesmaid RobesOnce you’ve picked the perfect teams, how do you go about asking your chosen girls (or boys) to partake?

Before you dive in head first, keep in mind what can go wrong (and some Bridesmaid fails) and make sure you’re prepared to tell your bridesmaids what’s involvedand don’t be offended if one of them politely declines (it can be an expensive/cumbersome obligation, as well as an honour).

how to choose and ask your bridal party

Once you’re ready though, here are my favourite ways to Propose to your Bridesmaids”

  • If you’re lucky enough to have them all in the same city, take them out for a champagne brunch and you can all celebrate together!
  • Ask them in a fortune cookie!
  • A “tie the knot” ring (available at this etsy store).
  • Send a letter and cute note, complete with confetti (photo below).
  • Customised cookies or cupcakes
  • Buy a set of PJs or satin gown to wear on the wedding morning.
  • Balloon in a box (Martha Stewart how-to)
  • With a poem:
    • When spring 2017 is here
      And I will be a blushing bride.
      Would you do me the great honor
      As matron on my side?
    • So on my wedding day, I will need you more than ever.
      Please say you’ll be my bridesmaid now…. and my friend forever
    • So please stand by my side
      when i say “I DO”
      for I wouldn’t be me
      without a friend like you
    • When I am walking down the aisle, a very happy bride,
      It would mean so very much to me to have you by my side.

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