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Have you ever wondered what people did before Facebook (or Bebo, Myspace & Tumblr)?

Started from the bottom

Well, in 2001 my web-design and blogging dreams began thanks to “Geocities” homepages where I set up a glittery pink site of selfies (er… nothing like She Said Yes, obviously…) and invited the world to “Sign My Guestbook”.

While I haven’t quite figured out how to have the pink hearts follow the cursor, the Dollz have since been lost (maybe soon to return), and I’m no longer on dial-up internet, I still love creating, sharing and connecting with people from all over the world who have been brought together by common interests and openness.

N.B. Incredibly, Megan’s Palace is not a snapshot from my own original homepage, which I think was called Megan’s page, but it’s almost the spitting image, just imagine it more pink (and that cursor).

Before even geocities, I wrote my own Girlfriend-style magazine with pages in a clear-file and insightful articles and quizzes including (not joking):

Are you a good girlfriend?

Fast forward to today

Today was an incredible day to celebrate not what, but whom blogging has brought me.

I met my friend Caitlin’s new baby (Personal Stylist Chasing Cait); finally congratulated (in person) Annalee on her engagement (Beauty Vlogger Makeup by Annalee); chatted over some wine, and then literally fell head over heels onto Federal Street – damn crutches – with #girlboss Zeenat (stylist and magazine editor behind Sauce Mag).

Today I was also finally able to meet even more of the girls I admire online, like Victoria Nunns (ridiculously beautiful #bblogger, #mua & more), Madeleine, (#girlboss at 23 of The Twenties Club) and Sally Jo (another incredi-vlogger who makes beauty tutorials and also makes me laugh…).

Why am I telling you this?

Because every so often someone will ask me “How do I become a blogger?” and I really want to help (it’s in my nature to want to help/get involved/take-over uninvited) but frequently what they’re really saying is “How do I become a successful well paid full-time blogger who gets free stuff and goes to fab events?”

I’ve always been a blogger/magazine writer/over-sharer.  I created She Said Yes as a wedding blog because I wanted to help other women plan their weddings, just like I became a lawyer because I wanted to help people solve their legal frustrations.

If you want to become a blogger
Set up a blog.

I suggest WordPress or Squarespace, both of which I’ve hosted She Said Yes on.

If you want to attract readers
Set up social pages and share all your articles there.

I have Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and LinkedIn

If you want to build your blog
Blog regularly and consistently.

Let’s say, once a fortnight minimum, consistency being the most important thing

If you want to get free stuff
Pick up a loyalty card at your local cafe.

Nothing is free.  I work really (long and) hard creating content, sometimes I’m paid in beautiful lipstick instead of money. 

If you want to blog in exchange for lipstick
Create and curate a good blog, demonstrate your ability to create good content (some lipstick couldn’t hurt), build your following, create and curate more content, build your following more, create a media kit, email your favourite lipstick companies and tell them all about yourself and why you love their product and send them links to all the lovely lipstick articles you’ve written in the past, wait for a response and (hopefully) a request for your media kit, and send your media kit – voila – one day they might send you lipstick!

If you want to be a successful, well paid full-time blogger
Ask a successful, well paid full-time blogger.

All jokes aside…
I absolutely, 100% love what I do, and I adore so many of the people I’ve met through it, but blogging isn’t a free-ride. It really isn’t a glamorous profession most of the time either (did I mention falling on my face today).

Of course, if you’re passionate about something you should start a blog about it, and even if you’re not sure what you’re passionate about, you might want to start a blog, but do it for you, not for the fame, fortune or freebies.  In this spirit, here are some of the girls I love who are sharing their passion.  I’ve shared their Instagrams as it’s the easiest way to embed, but many of them do far, far more than ‘gram.  Beginning with today’s line-up.

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And my final top 4 who weren’t there today but I can’t help but share, but that’s all for now because it’s 3am. (I told you, the glamour…)

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