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Planning a wedding in New Zealand’s beautiful Coromandel in February, I’m pretty lucky to be able to (almost) count on having plenty of sun. NZ’s gorgeous sub-tropical climate in the North Island, and warm-temperate South Island, means warm days are never too far away, and we love to get outside and enjoy the summer, sun, sand and surf.

I’m a total beach bunny, and I’ll be slowly building a tan, while slip, slop, slapping on plenty of sunscreen every day from now til February, to look after my skin and stay sun-safe and healthy.  However, all the sunscreen in the world isn’t going to stop my beach-blonde hair from turning to straw before my February wedding, if I don’t take steps to look after it too!

I’m a long-time user of Kerastase, regularly switching up my hair masques as the seasons change, and Kerastase is now re-introducing its Soleil range just in time for summer.

The Kerastase collection works to protect your hair in three ways: with a UV Protection filter; Ceramides to reconstruct hair fibres; and mineral oils to fight frizz (essential in Auckland).

My post-beach routine is now the Bain Apres Soleil (literally Bath After Sun) which detangles and takes my hair from seaswept beach-waves Sunday to more-professional Monday.  I’ve switched up my Winter protein masque for the UV Defense Active, which is as good as it is gold.  My hair is really nourished, soft and shiny (so I feel like I’ve accomplished something even if I haven’t done any of my weekend life-admin!).

Before going out for lunch in the sun this Labour day, I also slathered myself in the Micro-Voile Protecteur which acts against UVA/UVB rays and is anti-frizz.  I didn’t bother with blow-drying, as Auckland was blowing a gale anyway, but applied the Soleil CC Creme which left it shiny, and not too frizzy considering the weather!

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