Film Review: Bridget Jones’s Baby

Bridget Jones’s Baby is officially released on 22 September, but Mr Darcy turned my Birthday/Honeymoon week into a trifecta of awesome with an invitation to the premiere. This week is the Mr Right I have been waiting my whole life to meet…

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces…

As we’re introduced to the film, Bridget Jones has reached her goal weight and Daniel Cleaver is out of the picture – so what could be wrong?

Where’s Mr Darcy?

Oh GOD, there he is. He is with his wife, who does not appear to be the verbally incontinent spinster who drinks like a fish, smokes like a chimney and dresses like her mother. His wife is not Bridget Jones.  I haven’t even finished my ice-cream, and I want to walk out of the cinema already.

Bridget Jones has lost a tonne of weight and the love of her life… she doesn’t smoke like a chimney and soon enough she’s not even drinking like a fish… what the hell is director Sharon Maguire doing to us?  Where’s “Our Little Bridget”?!

Skinny Bridget has new, younger friends (hers are all off having children) and she’s at Glastonbury wearing white jeans and heels, falling into bed with an American called Jack. I wasn’t not enjoying it, but feeling confused and disappointed not to see Bridget Jones loved up with Mark Darcy, baby on the way, Daniel Cleaver off shagging birds somewhere, and mother making turkey curry somewhere.

Then something changed.  Bridget is pregnant, and it could be Mark Darcy’s.

My hopes are up again, I’m team #definitelydarcy and very much anti the #totallyjack camp.  Finally, the laughter started, and then the tears, and Bridget Jones is back, and it’s funnier than I ever remember it being before (in fact, when did I last laugh this loudly?), and somehow even more emotive than ever before (why am I still crying?) – and I’m along for the ride and SO SO happy (and sad!) to be along for the ride with Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy, and can this other fella leave already… oh actually he’s really charming and lovely, and maybe he’s the father of Bridget Jones’s Baby and he’d probably make the best father and husband in the world.

Bridget Jones’s Baby is not the same as Bridget Jones’s Diary – it has a modern relevance, it deals with aging, successful and more grown up character of Bridget with two perfect men to ‘choose’ from, one of which is the father of her child.  Everyone’s favourite, Emma Thompson as Bridget’s doctor takes over the witty quote-worthy lines from Bridget’s old friends, and Patrick Dempsey as Jack brings a new, original freshness to the franchise that otherwise could have felt dated.

The plot is original and engaging, and we realise that it’s still the same Bridget Jones we know and love (and the same Mr Darcy we love even more).  While the film’s plot is who is the baby-daddy, Bridget Jones’s Baby is about more than that and is more engaging and emotive than that – I soon realised it didn’t matter whose baby it was, because it was Bridget Jones’s, and she’s grown up enough to be a mother, even if she still ends up a spinster.

I love the film, I love the new, albeit “improved” Bridget Jones, I LOVE Mark Darcy, and I’ll love Bridget Jones’s Baby, even if it’s Jack’s.  4.5 star review (can’t be a 5 star review without Daniel Cleaver), I can’t wait to see it again!  

To Bridget Jones’s (and whoever else’s) Baby, just as he is!

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