Best Wedding Planner Book- Australia

As soon as I got engaged in 2015, I set about looking for the best wedding planner book – Australia was my first stop as I celebrated my engagement in Sydney, but I really struggled to know exactly what I needed, and I couldn’t find anything I wanted either!

Best Wedding Planner Book- Australia

Fortunately, times have changed for the better, and I’ve discovered and can now share the Best Wedding Planner Books in Australia.

Which book is for you will depend on exactly what you’re looking for – do you want a keepsake of your engagement, just a bare-bones book for the basics, or a wedding planner book and organiser diary all-in-one?

Personally, I wanted the latter, and I couldn’t find it anywhere on my travels – neither Australia or New Zealand had a wedding planner book and diary, and unbelievably despite searching everywhere online and having my MOH search the United States, we couldn’t find anything. In 2016 I created one to fit my exact needs. I called it the little white book, and it the best wedding planning book for me – but I’ve listed some of my other favourites below too. You only get one chance to plan and record all these special memories, so I want you to know exactly what you’re getting.

Best Wedding Planner Book- Australiabest-wedding-planner-little-white-book-an-organised-life-together-journal

little white book – the best wedding planner book (for me)

What I wanted out of a Wedding Planning Book?

I love to keep diary notes, to journal and to jot down my thoughts and ideas, as well as keeping my wedding planning organised and together.

I wanted to have one place to keep everything together – I knew if I continued a separate diary, I wouldn’t fill a separate wedding planning book, I needed them both.

I needed lots of space on the guest list pages, that I could refer to over and over for the address, RSVP, number of guests, and then following the wedding, to take note of the gift recieved, and confirm a thank you card was sent.

Best Wedding Planner Book- AustraliaBest Wedding Planner Book- Australia

I struggled to organise our wedding budget, so decided that a budget planner would be most useful with estimates, deposits paid, balance and due dates, so of course the little white book had to have that too.

Most importantly… it had to be something I could use every single day – my daily diary. Otherwise, I knew I wouldn’t even see, let alone use, the checklists, and I’d never stay on track with wedding planning. So, that’s what made the little white book so different – and in my (humble) opinion, the best wedding planner book in Australia and the world!

It’s currently physically stocked in Sydney at Bill Hicks Jewellery, and is also available via my online SHOP – shipping to all addresses in Australia with an ETA of 6 working days.

Voted the best wedding planner book by Bridal Musings and more, it’s what a bride to be not only wants, but actually needs. Read reviews, or read on for the rest of the best wedding planner books in Australia…

Best Wedding Planning Book – A Comprehensive Guide

If you want a binder… I can’t believe I’m recommending my direct competitor, but it has to be said that the Kikki. K. “My Wedding Planner” is a great, sturdy plastic binder. It’s got tabs and pockets, so if you think you’re otherwise going to have bits of paper everywhere, it’ll keep everything together. It doesn’t have any kind of diary, and you probably wouldn’t use it as a keepsake, so it’s definitely a great accompaniment to the little white book too. Similarly, an organised life wedding planner (together journal collab) is a beautiful binder and has lots of room in it.

If you want a personalised wedding planner book… You can’t go past the Smythson Wedding Planner – it’s got a lambskin colour which can be personalised with your name. It has a little structure too – 8 different tabbed sections.

Of course, if you don’t need a particular structure, you could always go for one of the stunning personalised notebooks from The Daily Edited. Their Pale Pink A5 Notebook just screams bridal, or you can grab a notebook cover instead!

You want advice! Instead of writing down your plans and keeping a wedding diary, you may just be looking for practical advice to follow, in which case I recommend:

  1. A Practical Wedding Planner– Meg Keene
  2. The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organiser: Checklists, Worksheets, and Essential Tools to Plan the Perfect Wedding on a Small Budget– Jessica Bishop

  3. The Classic, Revised and Updates the Wedding Book– Mandy Weiss
  4. The Wedding Planning Checklist– Peter Pauper Press
  5. The Wedding Planning Guide– Jessie Parnell

  6. Wedding Planner & Organizer – Mindy Weiss – Dymocks.

You want free printable wedding planning downloads!

I offer a free wedding planning e-book, which you’re welcome to download, but there are also plenty of free spreadsheets you can print from wedding planning websites in Australia and around the world. I also sell the little white planning pack, which is comprised of all the questions you need to ask your wedding vendors (and yourselves) before you book, and all the excel spreadsheets you need – perfectly formatted for wedding planning bliss.

Other Wedding Planner Books in Australia

  • Bride Business by Ivory Tribe
  • White Love Wedding Planner
  • Blacklist Wedding Planner
  • An Organised Life x Together Journal wedding planner

Like the little white book, these wedding planner books offer advice to how to plan your wedding. However, the key difference is that the little white book offers you a 12 month daily diary, as well as giving you all the wedding planning tips you will need.

If you don’t want to turn into a bridezilla, I suggest a wedding planner book that contains a diary, organiser and journal is a MUST have! Hence this is why the little white book is the best wedding planner for me, and maybe for you!

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