Best of Brows with Bobbi Brown Brow Bar Britomart!

You don’t need me to tell you the Brows are back in town!   Not the over-plucked then pencilled/tattooed brows of 90’s era Gwen Stefani or Pamela Anderson… but Big, Brazen, Bold, or even Bushy brows are making headlines.

Now, brows are natural and dramatic, statement-making and face-framing.  That’s great news for the Cara’s and Kim’s of the world, blessed with healthy and plentiful brow hairs, but not so much for me I’ve barely plucked or waxed mine *ever* but they still lack any kind of definition or drama.[/right]

Thin brows are aging, so I thought this meant mine were better left unattended, with occasional penciling, but as I’m learning, with a little TLC and attention, I can take my brows to wow.

Even (or especially) girls with thin brows benefit from having them professionally shaped and tamed, so I put my brows in the hands of brow-expert and Make-up artist Chantelle at Bobbi Brown Brow Bar Britomart (try saying that 3x fast!).  I always love popping into Bobbi Brown’s beautiful light and pink space, and this was no exception.

Chantelle’s engaged too, so aside from talk tireless wedding chat, she also taught me a little brow-care and Bobbi Brown’s expert tips to have them looking on fleek!

Tidying up even the thinnest brows actually makes them look thicker and defined. It starts with a professional shaping (my before-after above), which is all about facial shape and proportions.

Flat: the flat brow works wonders for long face shapes, because of its horizontal line.  It tends to make the face look shorter

Rounded: softens the face and helps to tone down harder features such as pointed chin or angles.

Hard angled: Draws people’s gaze upward, tends to add youthfulness and works well with strong jaw, diamond and round face shapes.

Soft angledSimilar to the Hard Angled, but with a slightly softer, more subtle look.

If you must DIY, pluck only one or two, and do so in a normal sized mirror, well-lit and without magnifying function which will only bring out the worst in your brows.

Most importantly, though, go to a brow artist you know you can trust.  Take recommendations from friends (and honest bloggers like myself!) – don’t put your brows in just anyone’s hands.  As you can see from the before/after, Chantelle’s got skills, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bobbi Brown Brow Bar at Britomart.

Brow sessions are just $20 each, an absolute steal – call to book on 09 222 0035.

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