Beauty picks to Chase away the winter Blues

There’s a chill in the air, to say the least – the kind that’s got me craving a spice pumpkin latte and spending weekends in ugg boots. Winter can be a downer when you think about the icy weather, shorter days and living in your puffer jacket for the three months. However, there are some beauty products that can make this winter a little more bearable and the can help you to chase away the winter blues.

Chase away the winter blues | Beauty Edition

Savar Natural Instant Boost Multi Toner: This might be my new skincare obsession and it is a secret weapon against those winter blues. This toner uses marshmallow and organic white tea to soothe, hydrate and balance your skin and it smells incredible. Just spritzing it on my face is an instant pick-me-up! This toner tones (obviously), adds a boost of hydration, a healthy glow and it banishes my dull, dry skin.

Camille Co Cape Gooseberry and Musk Candle: I have never been a huge fan of musk, but there is something so comforting about this note when it is paired with fruits, coconut and vanilla. This scent is beautiful and comforting and it adds warmth to my living room (the heat pump helps with that too). This candle is made in NZ and “endeavours to awaken happy memories from earlier days”.  It doesn’t awaken memories for me but it makes me feel as snug as a bug in a rug!

Kiehl’s Lip Butterstick Lip Treatment:  There is snow on the mountains and an icy, cool breeze which wreaks havoc on my lips.  This new lip treatment from Kiehls uses coconut oil and antioxidant-rich lemon butter to keep lips hydrated, smoothed and protected. Plus, the tinted colours provide lips with a gorgeous kiss of colour! Bye, bye dry winter lips!

Snowberry Intensive Renewal Face Serum: Rain or shine, winter or summer, I can always make room in my skincare routine for a serum and I desperately needed a great one to help cure my winter woes.  The Snowberry Radiance Serum is dedicated to anti-aging but my skin also needs all the help it can get when it comes to radiance and uneven skin tone and this serum ticks all the boxes.

DB Brilliant Skin Blush Illuminator Duo: I long for a flush of colour to my cheeks when the air is cooler. I know some people are lucky enough to have a natural flush but I need a little bit of help and the DB Brilliant skin duo is becoming a firm favourite. This blush/highlighter duo gives you a perfect, glowing complexion and the blush is smooth and pigmented. Perfect for adding a touch of colour to my cheeks.

Nellie Tier Hydrating Mask: This is my secret weapon for the cooler months. This is not a new product but it is amazing and it is my winter ‘Must-Have’ . This face mask gives your skin a hit of hydration, smooths and softens the skin and restores elasticity. Plus, it feels luxurious and we all love a bit of pampering, don’t we? Who needs to venture outside into the cold winter air for a facial appointment when you can have something like this in your bathroom?

Savar Natural Nourishing Body Lotion: We spend so much time being rugged up or wearing layers during the cooler seasons, it’s easy to forget that our entire body needs a hydration hit and this luxurious body lotion from Savar is the perfect way to deliver it.  With gorgeous ingredients like primrose oil, organic fig and passionflower, this lotion is hydrating, fast to absorbs and smells amazing too.

Lancome Smoothing Liquid Cushion Compact: I feel like people tend to choose lighter foundations for winter, but I am the opposite. I use lighter foundations in the warmer months and fuller coverage foundations for the cooler, winter months when there is no fear of it sweating off.  The new Lancome Smoothing Cushion Compact is beautiful. From the formula, packaging and the glowy finish it leaves on your skin, this anti-aging cushion foundation adds a youthful, fresh-faced glow to my face and honestly, it brings a touch of life to my skin.

Manuka Doctor Hydrating Facial Cleanser: Keeping your skin hydrated and looking amazing is a key secret to chasing away those winter blues and the change of seasons tends to push skin types to the drier side of the street. It’s time to skip those foaming and potentially drying cleansers in favour of this one. The Manuka Doctor Hydrating Facial Cleanser removes makeup and dirt build-up from the day without removing your skin’s oils. Using amazing ingredients such as rosehip and black current oil, this cleanser feels like a cocktail for your skin.

Revlon Colourstay in Bold Sangria: Could this be the perfect plum, winter shade? I am all about chasing away the winter blues, but this colour makes me want to embrace the cooler season and darker colours are perfect for the winter months.  This shade is completely stunning, long wearing and is the perfect winter shade for your manicure.

The snow is settling on the hilltops and wearing a thermal and puffer jacket have become an essential part of my wardrobe. Although I am forgetting what a warm, sunny day feels like, I am glad I have some beauty picks to make this winter a little bit more bearable. How do you chase away the winter blues?

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