7 Ways to Treat Yourself this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day 2015 was my last as a ‘girlfriend’ – becoming a fiancé on February 15th.

Valentine’s Day 2016 was spent with my absolute best friends in the world, followed by the evening with Blair – the day after my hens party (with just 6 days to count down til my wedding).

Looking forward a week to Valentine’s Day this year, and Blair’s not even going to be in the country! It’s quite the comedown – by comparison.

However, I’m not going to let a little thing like actually being within 1000 miles of my husband to get me down on the day that’s all about love, instead, I’m going to treat myself – whether he’s here or not.

If your SO (boyfriend/partner/fiance/husband) is unlikely to do so, or if you’re single, I suggest you do the same – pick at least one of these 7 ways to love and treat yourself this Valentine’s Day.

 L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Le Vernis A L’Huile with the little white book

1. Give yourself a day off. Okay, I know we don’t all work for ourselves (I swear, I’m the most difficult, demanding boss I’ve ever had), but give yourself a day off something. A day off your diet, a day off laundry, a day off study, exercising, or cooking (though, I don’t suggest actually going to a restaurant for a ‘romantic’ set menu and glass of pink bubbles). Whatever your ‘chore’ – take the day off it.

My ‘chore’ is thinking about, shopping for and assembling healthy food, so that’s one thing I won’t be doing for myself this Valentine’s!

2. Indulge in the luxury of time. Today’s fast-paced world leaves little time to just sit back and relax, and, to be honest, you’re probably long overdue for a luxurious bubble bath. Light up the space with a few heart-shaped tea light candles, take your favorite book with you to get lost in, or just close your eyes and let the water soothe you. Follow it up with a divine face or eye mask for the night.

Take your time, have a long bath, give yourself a mani-pedi, spend the night with a magazine or movie… You know Fifty Shades Darker just came out, right! If you’re not getting physical this Valentine’s, you can at least have two hours of Christian and Anastasia going at it. I spent the evening with Mr Grey and Ms Steele and can confirm its got all the action you’d hope for – a movie night that truly satisfies!

3. Spoil yourself rotten. All that $$ we saved by not buying gifts and going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day…? I’m giving it to myself as a Valentine’s Day present, and going to spoil myself silly.

If you’re single, think of all the money you’re saving too. Love yourself this Valentine’s Day! Seeking inspiration for something that’s sure to spoil… La Mer is the most lavishly indulgent and legendary skin treat, and revitalising hydration serum is guaranteed to spoil your skin.

So effective that it penetrates deeply into the skin to flood it with actives sourced from the sea, and the trademarked La Mer Miracle Broth – this serum is super lightweight, but packs a hydrating punch – noticeably and visible improving skin instantly and for hours after. I’d expect nothing less from La Mer!

Of course, you can spoil yourself rotten even if you’re on a tight budget, too – I’m thinking decadent Giapo Anzac-Cookie style ice-cream… In bed, obviously!

If you know how far away I live from Giapo, you’ll appreciate how hard it was to get it to bed without it a) melting, or b) even more dangerously – being eaten!

4. Spoil someone else rotten. Just as you shouldn’t wait for your SO to buy you flowers, don’t make your friends wait for a romantic love interest to be treated with some fresh blooms.

Participate in a “Secret Valentine” with all your friends, and buy some gorgeous fleurs for your friend. This month, Rosie and I from Rose Tinted Flowers have added a 1/2 price bouquet to the RTF/little white book bundle ($99), so you can spoil yourself and a friend at the same time!

rose tinted flowers little white book

5Do something self-less. Spread the love this Valentine’s Day, even if only in a small way, you can do something self-less and enjoy the feel good glow that comes with charity. Donate an unused Christmas gift or last summer’s favourite shorts to the Salvation Army, help out a Kiwi kid in need of lunch with Eat My Lunch or bake something delicious for your neighbours to say Happy Valentine’s Day!

6. Set some goals. February 14 is the day of love, so spend some time loving yourself and putting some love into setting your intentions for the year ahead. Not ‘New Year’ resolutions, just mindful, thoughtful goals you’d like to achieve within the next few weeks, months or even years. Every week I fill out my little white book (yes, it’s a wedding organiser, but it’s also a diary – I promise I’m not planning my second wedding) and set my goals (there’s a space for that every week) and intentions. It’s the best way I know to get organised. Whether in you’re lwb, on a scrap of paper or your favourite notebook, set some goals to love.

7. Write a love letter (to yourself) Valentine’s Day is all about love, so why not write yourself a love letter to be opened on another special day (your birthday, wedding, next Valentine’s, an anniversary). Write a letter that says everything you love about yourself. Write about things you’ve done that you’re proud of and the things you hope to accomplish in the future. You can read this letter again later when you need a reminder that you love and support yourself.

This book was the first Valentine’s Day gift Blair ever bought me (no prompting involved) – I love reading love letters, but as Blair’s not inclined to write one himself, I might have to write my own love letter.

The longest relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, engaged or married, show yourself some self-love by celebrating Valentine’s Day in any of the ways above!

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